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The Big Blizzcon 2017 Post
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Author:  Joshy [ 04 Nov 2017 04:24 ]
Post subject:  The Big Blizzcon 2017 Post

(more like average sized post, amirite?)

The first day of blizzcon happened today. Bunch of stuff announced for OW as well as all other Blizzard games today.

Overwatch will be getting both a new hero (Support) and a new map (Hybrid) by the end of the year/start of next year. Also new skins.

First up is Moira, the new evil as fuck support character.

Introduction (Shows Abilities):
Origin Story Video:
Character Page: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/moira/

(I attempted to get a video with no commentary but that doesn't exist yet).
This video also shows the new map a bit.

Next up is the aforementioned map, Blizzard World. They literally made a blizzard theme park just for OW. It's a hybrid map (capture point, then payload).


We also have new skins coming early 2018 featuring both crossovers from other blizzard games as well as skins from the animated shorts. It has been confirmed that all characters will be getting something (emote, skins, highlights, etc.) when the update drops. It was also confirmed that these skins are not event based meaning they will be added as normal drops.


Finally we have a new animated short featuring Reinhardt. I know most of you don't watch these but still here it is. Honestly I think it's the best animated short made so far.


Other stuff of note from Blizzcon so far:
  • Hearthstone is getting a new expansion (big surprise)
  • World of Warcraft is getting a new expansion (big surprise)
  • World of Warcraft is getting a vanilla server (aka 2004/2005 WoW)
  • Hanzo is being added to Heroes of the Storm
  • Starcraft 2 is going Free to Play November 14th (First campaign free (the second is also free if you own the first before the 14th), ranked mode free, commanders mode up to level 5)
  • The Overwatch World Cup is currently occurring. US got eliminated by South Korea while Canada won against Australia. Therefore, Canada is better than the US (NO EXCUSES).
https://worldcup.playoverwatch.com/en-u ... ings/top-8

Author:  Gibbens [ 23 Dec 2017 09:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: The Big Blizzcon 2017 Post

That Reinhardt short was epic. I teared up at the end. Bliizard should start working with someone like Disney and get into the animated movie business. Their artists are that good.

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