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PostPosted: 16 May 2010 15:00 
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Now, this is going to assume that you have AMXX installed. I have never used a different mod, so I don't know how to configure admin with any other mods.


This is where you set which admin have access to what commands. It keeps you from having to give out the rcon password (after all, anybody who has the rcon password can do rcon commands), and instead restricts certain commands to certain people.

The users.ini file has a nice description at the top that tells you how to add admin.

I found it really helpful to put a comment after each admin entry that told me who that admin was. That way if I ever needed to edit somebody's admin or delete an admin, it would be a lot easier.
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You'll notice at the top of the users.ini file, there is a list of some access flags. For example, a is the access flag for immunity. The ENTIRE list of flags is found in the cmdaccess.ini file. In fact, this file is updated with access flags found in any third party plugin you install as well.

I think it's a really good idea to go through all the command flags and make sure that if you give an admin "c" access (or whatever) that ALL off the flags he has access to are things you want. I found a couple of instances where a very small flag was also linked to a more important flag and I didn't want those two linked together. I found it helpful to make a database that listed all the flags and what each flag did, and then adjust them as needed.

By editting these two files, you can have comprehensive control over which admin have access to which commands.

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2010 06:44 
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Hey Anubis If i want to add admin and he is not a steam user then . :?: :?: :?:
You can add admin by IP address or by name.

Instead of having "ce" in the very last entry per admin, you use "d" for IP address or nothing for a name.

If your player has a dynamic IP address, then you should use name instead of IP, or some days they won't have admin.

If you're going to use their name, I recommend setting a password for them. (In "ce", the "e" means "Don't check the password". So use "ab", since "a" means "Check password" and "b" means "Check name".)

The password goes in the second set of "". In my example above, "" is blank, because I don't want admin to use passwords. You would need to set "password" or whatever for your admin.

For example:
"Anubis" "awesome" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy" "a"
So, any user named "Anubis" who enters will have admin access if they know that the password is "awesome".

Next: tell your admin to put the following line in his userconfig.cfg file
setinfo "_pw" "awesome"
and enter the following line into your amxx.cfg file
amx_password_field "awesome"
I hope that helps! If not, let me know.

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