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PostPosted: 16 May 2010 15:10 
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Installing plugins for AMXX

The next thing you might want to do as an AMXX server runner is install plugins to your server. This requires a couple of steps.

First off, decide which plugins you want. Download those plugins off the internet. I HIGHLY recommend Allied Modders. They have a TON of plugins.

Each thread should have the plugin attached to it. Download the plugin to your /amxmodx/plugins folder. I also highly recommend you download the sma file (the source code) and place it in your /amxmodx/scripting folder.

Compiling a plugin (Linux)

I recommend downloading the sma file in case you should need to recompile the plugin. Sometimes the plugins are really buggy, and the only way to fix problems is to fix a line or two in the code. If you should happen to do something like that, you'll need to recompile the plugin.
cd /usr/home/gamer/hlds/czero/addons/amxmodx/scripting
./amxxpc [i]sourcefile[/i].sma
As long as you didn't break the code while you were playing around with it, it will spit out a sourcefile.amxx file. Just move that file to your plugins folder and you have your newly compile plugin.
cp sourcefile.amxx ../plugins
(../ means back one directory)

Compiling a plugin (Windows)

Drag and drop the .sma file you wish to compile onto the compile.exe file which is in your scripting folder. It will create an .amxx output file in the same folder. Or from the command line, you can use the following commands:
c:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\scripting
amxxpc.exe [i]myplugin[/i].sma

Activating your plugin

Once you have your plugin in the plugins folder, go back to your configs folder and edit the plugins.ini file. (In Linux, I use nano. In Windows, I use Notepad++)

At the end of the file, under third party plugins, add the name of your plugin.amxx to the list. Make sure you spell it correctly, that you have the same case, and that you put .amxx at the end of it. Once you put the plugin name here, it should be active.

Configuring your plugin

Most of the threads at Allied Modders have really specific instructions on exactly how to configure the plugin. Usually, it will simply be a list of cvars (configuration variables) that you can edit to your liking. These cvars usually go into your amxx.cfg file. On the rare occasion that they actually go into a different file, the thread will tell you what file to put them in. (Usually that means creating a specific cfg file to put the cvars in.)

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