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How to install a server (table of contents)
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Author:  Amaroq [ 31 Aug 2010 20:55 ]
Post subject:  How to install a server (table of contents)

I just thought it would be a lot more helpful to have a list of all the how-to's in order. (If you're installing your server in CentOS, check out this thread.)

Installing your server

Foundations Installing and configuring a CS:GO server
  1. Installing a CS:GO server
  2. Configuring a CS:GO server
  3. Setting up map collections for GO
  4. Configuring your CS:GO server start command line
  5. Creating scripts to automatically start or restart your servers.
  6. Setting up automatic updating
  7. Activating GOTV
Installing and configuring an HLDS server
  1. Installing the HLDS server software
    1. In Windows
    2. In Linux
  2. Basic Server Configuration
  3. Adjusting Your Server's Rates
  4. Adding Custom Maps
  5. Setting up a Fast Download server
  6. Installing Metamod
  7. Installing AMX Mod X
  8. Adding Admin to Your AMX Server
  9. Installing Plugins for AMXX
Installing a Source Engine server
  1. Installing a basic Source Engine server
  2. Installing Metamod:Source
  3. Installing SourceMod
    1. Installing plugins
    2. Adding admin

Other topics

If you have any questions about any of these things, please post in the appropriate thread. I'm happy to help!

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