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Anyone like MMOs?
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Author:  Sems [ 27 Sep 2018 23:59 ]
Post subject:  Anyone like MMOs?

I've been more interested in MMOs like PoE, diablo 3, gw2, etc. lately and have been playing them fairly often between CS and whatnot. Given that people usually ditch me within a week of starting a game like this/with storylines, would anyone be interested in playing? Some of these are nice and let you have multiple characters so (in my case) I have my actual character for progress and other characters for people that play (like on diablo, I have one character I'm playing with for the storyline and progress, and another one that I played with for 3 hours before I was ditched, and another one that a friend likes to powerlevel with me on because he likes doing high level things and whatever).

I wouldn't hold someone to the whole "IF YOU PLAY WE MUST PROGRESS AT THE EXACT SAME SPEED" because that's KINDA fucked me over previously when I waited for people to come back that never did (or were available once every 7 months during the blue moon), but it'd be nice to have someone to play with sometimes that's actually interested in exploring and playing

Just wondering

Author:  Amaroq [ 28 Sep 2018 07:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone like MMOs?

I think we have a pretty large number of people in the clan who like MMOs

Author:  Traviesaurus [ 28 Sep 2018 18:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone like MMOs?

I have GW2, i don't play it but I have it. I liked it when I was into it, but that was only a few weeks. I'm down for that.

I also play ArcheAge which I really like. It's F2P but I enjoy it the most. I'd be down to start a character in something! I'm gone this weekend though but maybe sunday or next week if you're around :D

Author:  Sems [ 28 Sep 2018 21:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone like MMOs?

I'm up for whatever. I'll download archeage and check it out tonight/tomorrow

Author:  mutiny [ 29 Sep 2018 11:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone like MMOs?

I've always wanted to play MMOs but every time I do, I lose interest in like the 2nd day. Diable3 tho was really fun. I don't know if I would play it again tho since they changed a lot with it and it gets boring now.

Author:  Sems [ 29 Sep 2018 19:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone like MMOs?

well if you ever want to (re)try some, gw2 is also f2p and i'm just collecting accounts/characters for MMOs so I always have *something* ready


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