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 Post subject: People I work with
PostPosted: 30 Jun 2010 15:18 
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So, I work with this older guy that is a total douchebag. Before I even worked in his department I was warned about him. Don't listen to anything he says I was told. Don't do anything he says, and just generally avoid him. He lies, is always wrong, and generally is extremely lazy. Now before you start feeling sorry for him because he is old, he looks a lot older than he actually is. I won't use his name but we will call him Mr. S. Now Mr. S likes to wait until I am helping a customer and then he wants to come over and butt in or ask questions trying to make me look bad in front of the customer.

Mr. S: So what are ya'll looking for?
This is how I wish I could have responded because well I would lose my job if I did.

Me: Just a blunt instrument to beat you to death with. Mind your own fucking business and get the fuck out of my face!

Mr. S: (talking to a customer in front of me) Aww I taught him everything he knows, just not everything I know

Me: Naw, I didn't just try to rob these people blind. I actually helped these people instead of being a deceitful little bitch that only deserves to be worm food in some ditch somewhere that homeless people shit and piss on like you.

He actually does everything in his power to avoid doing work. He tells his buddies to come in and spend large sums of money that they don't need to spend because his friends are bigger idiots than him. So he will spend hours talking to them and doing absolutely nothing else. Then he makes a sale so it looks like he did something. Even the managers know he is full of shit but because of his numbers corporate would make a big deal of firing the old fucking bastard. If he knows he can't get a protection plan on something, he will dump the customer off at some random cashier so his numbers don't look bad. He also tries to steal customers away from other employees, and cries and bitches if he doesn't sell a protection plan but someone else gets the customer to buy one and doesn't put HIS numbers in. He didn't sell the fucking plan so maybe he should just go hang himself so we don't have to listen to his bitching. I fucking hate this guy with a passion that burns so hot and bright the sun actually wears sunglasses when I go outside.

If he nearly walks into me I will say oh I am sorry and get out of the way only for him to say "No you're not" to which I always reply "you're right, I am not even a little sorry". I make sure that when an angry customer comes in because Mr. S lied to them that I point them in his direction as quickly as possible. If someone comes in because he said come in at this time and he is gone, I tell them exactly when his work hours are so if they want to come back and bitch at him they can. This guy is a serious pain in my ass and every other person I work with. We all hate him.

Now don't feel sorry for this guy. "AWWW everyone hates him, maybe he just wants to fit in" yeah I thought that too. I gave this guy plenty of chances. He only cares about himself even though his numbers don't mean shit, its the entire department together that counts. He tries to step on everyone and screw them over just so he can get another breathe of fresh air above everyone else. I find myself wishing at work that when he climbs a ladder he will just fall and destroy his spine or suddenly have a stroke and never work again. He is the nosiest son of a bitch I have ever known. To put it in plain terms, he makes me so mad I could punch a whole nursery full of babies. Everyone always plans secret ways to make his life hell but we never get a chance to follow through with it, because he knows not to stray too far from his safety net or the sharks will fucking rip him apart. One of these days he will slip and be out of a job. I just hope I am around to see it. I have started ignoring him altogether. He tries to give me commands like he is over me, and I just walk away from him or by him and ignore everything he says until he gets the point. Then he leaves me alone and sometimes does work. Lets see what bullshit he will pull off today.

 Post subject: Re: People I work with
PostPosted: 30 Jun 2010 22:39 

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hahaha punch a nursery full of babies!!
man thats priceless :D

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