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Azn's gaming life & shoutout
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Author:  DimSumGuy83 [ 20 Oct 2010 14:26 ]
Post subject:  Azn's gaming life & shoutout

I should've added this to my REAL LIFE STORY but I guess you can think of this as an extension to my life's story.

My gaming life started with the original NES waaaaay back (probably a little more than 2 decades ago) and the 2 games that dominated were Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. After draining the potential of the NES, I moved onto the Super Nintendo and dominated the ever popular fighting game; Killer Instinct (Fulgore kicked ass mayn!) This was during the time when my little brother was around 4 years old and beat down my dominating streak (that kid learns FAST!)

Pretty much when the PlayStation came out, me and my brother continued our little rivalry on the Tekken series and this was when we also encountered the glorious world of Final Fantasy (I don't care what anyone says, 7 was the best.....PERIOD!) We skipped over the Dreamcast and N64 since there weren't many interesting games (to us at least) and milked the PlayStation for all its worth.

After the PlayStation dominated the console war then, the PlayStation 2 brought some very good memories to both of us (I got the crap kicked outta me in Dead or Alive 2 by my brother....I'm pitiful at that game lol!) My brother dominated the hell out of most of the fighting games that were available on the PS2 and I decided to give up trying to beat his dominance.

My final console was the original Xbox and well....let's just say that my console gaming skills were at its peak and uhhhh...I pretty much gave up console gaming all together. Well another reason why I stopped with consoles was because of the price ($600 for a PlayStation 3.....riiiight....Xbox 360's pricing wasn't even that nice to me.)

PC gaming provided a better and brighter picture for me due to having some experience in FPS games (Doom series, Quake series, Tribes, Delta Force, Battlefield 2) Finally, after entering college, my father provided me with the funds to create a budget gaming desktop (which I posted pictures of) and from there, PC gaming was kind of like a 2nd chance for me to get back into the world of gaming. It was then that I started playing Condition Zero and ran into Boogieman and the rest of that clan (you know which one I'm talking about.) However, it was thanks to Blind that my application to getting accepted went through faster than normal.

So, my first clan was with them and I worked my way around knowing the people, the leaders, the founders and so forth. It was also the first time that I encountered clan-related drama and the problems within the clan. After spending around several months playing for them, 2 other members and I got fed up with the bullshit that was running around in that clan and left for CTS (run by Sic'n'Twisted.) I really had high hopes for Sic because he seemed like the opposite of Pres but I was fooled yet again and realized that even he was somewhat messed up. Being fed up with Sic and his foolish ways, Blind, RPG, Massacre, and a few other Peruvian players from CTS decided to form the Peruvian Mafia and I decided to follow. It was by this time that I got into many other modern games and Luis got the funds to create a budget gaming rig (mine was all upgraded to what you guys have seen before) and I gave him my old 8600GT card.

With my old card, it gave Luis and Blind a chance to play the same modern games that I played and Blind joined me in playing Modern Warfare 2 and a few others. Blind was enjoying himself too much in those modern games that RPG, Massacre, and a few other PM members got upset and left to join Sic's newly-created clan: CT or TP or whatever the hell it's called. Reason was that Blind wasn't putting any effort into Condition Zero and well...RPG's PC sucks balls and Massacre didn't want to pay an additional $60 for MW2 on PC. While in PM, I got to work with many of my fellow (and former NcB) friends and had a blast.

My time with PM came to an end when Demara, herself, told me that she would leave PM due to the feud PM and Sic's clan were in and she couldn't stand to see her friends all scattered and separated. I was in disbelief and didn't want her to go so I had 2 decisions: stay with PM and desert her or leave PM with her and become independents (well I still had my AM membership.) I decided to leave with Demi and well, knowing Luis, he followed us as well. With the 3 of us being clanless, we didn't have to deal with anyone's bullshit but Demara got bored and decided to hookup with some clan I never heard of(I was just happy that she didn't go side with Sic'n'Twisted.) The real reason why I left PM was this: I wanted to protect Demara from Sic's grasp and anyone else who only saw her as a tool (she's one hell of a gamer.) I don't like seeing ANY of my friends being used by others like some damn tool; just to win something. Even if it means that I have to sacrifice something in order to protect my buddies, I won't have a second thought.

As for my new AM family, you guys are my gaming family and I'll do whatever it takes to help each and every one of you. But I do hope you don't make me choose between Luis and Demara or AM(I'm sorry but those 2 people come before anyone else in my gaming life.) But knowing Serial and Anubis, a choice like that is bound to NEVER happen. AM restored my interest in Condition Zero and I'm glad to be a part of AM's CZ team.

So, to conclude, first and foremost, I thank Apollyon and his family for letting me join NcB back when it was theirs, my former CTS friends that sided with Blind and stuck with him in PM, AM for restoring the fun in CZ and as well as keeping a very comfortable atmosphere in CZ. Also, for letting me become a part of the clan (Serial and Anubis, you two deserve a LOT of credit for all that you 2 have accomplished.)

But my biggest and most heartfelt thanks goes to the two that stuck with me ever since NcB: Luis and Demara.

Luis: you mah boy blue! Even though you're a bigger console gamer than a PC gamer, you still mah boy. No matter how disappointed I get with you for touching a console, don't think too much about my rage lol! It'll eventually go away and I'll be back to my former black-sounding, Korean loving self.

Demara: Even though you won't be reading this, I just want to thank you for being a friend to me ever since the NcB fiasco. You gamed with me more than anyone else in my history of PC gaming. Whenever there was a co-op game that we both had, you're the first I'd ring up to play with. Even though you are undecided about joining clans, I'll always support ya from the AM field. I promise you that I'll never betray your friendship and you can ALWAYS count on me to be your gaming buddy.

Again, thanks to everyone that helped me become what I am today and game on with the AM name!

Author:  serialp0rt [ 22 Oct 2010 13:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout

don't worry man I'll never ask you to pick the clan over your friends or anything like that. even if you left the clan I would still be friends with you. This is a clan that is a family instead of a family oriented clan. We actually are a family. I don't let people in based on skill or anything like that...you have to fit in. You fit in perfectly well. I am glad you have faith in us and appreciate what we have tried to create. It warms my heart.

Author:  Teh_Bunny [ 22 Oct 2010 18:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout

yup serials right
for a cool couple of weeks ive seen it more as a family than a clan :D

Author:  luTheNinja [ 26 Nov 2010 04:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout

aww sam.. i should write you paragraphs now :D lols. dude, you have been and are always my big brother :] i know i dishonor you by playing console MW2, and other games, but i eventually come back to pc and play sc2, and r6v2 with you. bro i love you(no homo yo) lols. you have always been there for me no matter what.
i hope sometimes u understand that i have a life of my own out of the pc, and a girlfriend that i love and adore with all my life, so if i'm not online much, i'm sorry. but you know i always make it up somehow.

Author:  DimSumGuy83 [ 26 Nov 2010 05:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout

*sniff sniff* brings tears to these ol' eyes of mine.


Author:  PhYsC0 Sachi [ 27 Nov 2010 16:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout


Author:  DimSumGuy83 [ 28 Nov 2010 00:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout

...*sniff* thanks Sach. Anyways, it's always a good thing when family has your back. Especially with people like Luis, Demara, and all of AM.

Author:  MA-sA [ 28 Dec 2010 02:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout

EwWwWwWwWwW! How could you make me cry! jeez' azn! well that wasn't a bad tears tho' but still! :'( even if for now I'm clanless or w.e you know that I'll stay with you in any game! (even if it cost 60$.......... like black ops T.T) well! it's cool to know how you ''feel'' for me! :D and beside thx for your help with that Sic N twisted! and the clan was more a group of friends (Haruhiist)

Author:  bLiNd [ 09 Jul 2011 01:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Azn's gaming life & shoutout

<3 u homie!!!!!! in a non homo way of course :) YELLOW!!!! :D <3

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