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PostPosted: 08 Nov 2013 00:47 
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Sleeping Dogs:

So my brother recently was having some problems trying to run Sleeping Dogs. While I could run the game he could not so I decided to try and help him fix it.

The problem? Well every time he tried to start up Sleeping Dogs it would crash giving him a "HKship.exe has stopped working" (Sleeping Dogs main executable) error.

Really vague but I bet other people are having this problem too. I was fucking right. Every other thread on the Steam Forums was basically talking about crashing issues. Unfortunately, there seemed to be 10 different solutions to this problem with results are ranging from "THIS FIXED MY GAME OHEMGEE THNK U" to "WTF IT DON'T WORK HALP PLZ". I decided to try all available solutions except for the Reinstall Windows one because fuck that, I don't have the time. With the results all different for every user one should have fixed it right?


I spent a good 3 hours getting nothing accomplished except for making myself want to rip my hair out. Apparently this problem has been in the game since it launched and there has been little to no fix whatsoever.

I do get that the error is vague and probably could mean a whole variety of different errors but fucking still, please just put proper crash dumps in your game...it's helps us all.


I decided from all the hate that COD: Ghosts has been getting on PC to go and actually purchase COD: Black Ops 2 because:

1. I was in the mood for a COD game.
2. I enjoyed it on the 3 f2p weekends it had.
3. It ran decently on my computer.
4. It actually has a good PC port (except for no dedicated servers).

COD: Ghosts is currently $60 (Or more for the "special editions") which is reasonable considering that the game only came out a couple of days ago but what about COD: Black Ops 2 a game that has been out for a year. You think it should been just a bit cheaper like $30 min/$40 max.





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PostPosted: 08 Nov 2013 16:07 
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That is always the problem I had with COD, granted I am gonna buy ghost, but how can you say that your game is worth 60 dollars and then a year later or more its still that much or only SLIGHTLY less. Very VERY VERY VERY few games are worth 60 dollars. If I can beat your single player in 10 hours its not worth 60 dollars. If your entire game hinges on your multiplayer then its also not worth 60 dollars. COD companies will see eventually that these prices are too high. How will they see this? Valve and the steam box is going to completely change the video game industry. Mark my words.

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