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PostPosted: 28 Dec 2014 18:24 
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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? Download-able content used to be things devs would do after a game was finished. Now we have Day 1 DLC games and "skin packs" that should be free mods through the steam workshop. So here is pretty much every Activision/EA/UbiSoft game ever.

*Get Hyped
*Buy $60 Game
*Play for 10-30 Hours
*Beat Game
*Play Bug Filled Multiplayer that needs patching on Day 1
*Download Map Packs/DLC (~$10-$25)
*Play That
*Feel Regret

Thank God I don't look at big budget games because I forgot this was still a thing. I know people will say What happened to the days of the Gamecube and PC when it was

*Buy $1-20 Game
*Play it for 20-50 Hours
*Unlock cool shit
*Beat Game
*Play What is essentially new-game+
*Play awesome multiplayer
*Have Fun!

Microtransactions are becoming more common in Activision and UbiSoft titles.
*Pay real world cash for in game Gold/XP/Cash

What the fuck happened to working for your shit you get in-game?

EA and Ubisoft also piss me off with 3rd Party DRM.
*Wanna play our game? Launch our pile of shit service even though you bought the game on steam. Uplay and Origin are literally Satan
*Game servers are down because of DDOS/Crowdedness? Too Bad. Our Game is Always Online.

So here is my solution to this. (Game Devs LIsten Up)
*Make Kick-Ass Game
*Make it Worth Your Money

At least Valve's Microtransactions don't affect gameplay (Hats and Skins)

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