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"WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related Stuff
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Author:  Rich Nagel [ 08 Jul 2012 03:27 ]
Post subject:  "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related Stuff


This was a 'no-no' over in the Steam forums (of course), due to it being considered.... eehhhem... an 'illegal' hack <grin>. Nevertheless, I've asked, and posting here is fine :)

I've hexed and hacked over the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero bots module so that it works with standard Counter-Strike v1.6.

Now, mind you, this is similar to 'that other one' out there, ZBot, with the difference being that ZBot was based on a MUCH older version of the CS/CZ bots... and prone to MANY problems when running it with the current version of CS.

Note that the included "WeedsBot.dll" file is a hex edited version of the "MP.dll" file that is included with standard Counter-Strike v1.6 (and *NOT* the "MP.dll" file that is included with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero). The hex edits simply re-enable the *EXISTING* Counter-Strike: Condition Zero bot code that is ACTUALLY STILL contained within the standard Counter-Strike v1.6 "MP.dll" file.

This thing works fine in standard CS, and essentially provides you with the same bots that are included with the current Steam version of CS:CZ... which, of course, are FAR SUPERIOR to any of the third-party addon bots available for CS (PodBot, etc...) :)

Anyhow, here's yer files and readmes...

* WeedsBot v1.20 *

All stuff below is located in this directory -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... /WeedsBot/

Detailed Readme -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... edsBot.txt

Server and Single-Player Package (*NOTE* This is prolly what most of you will want, as this package is for SINGLE-PLAYER, and when you are running a "listen" server as well!) -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... ackage.zip

Client Package (*NOTE* The files contained in this ZIP archive are required for ALL CLIENTS that are connecting to your server that is running WeedsBot v1.20! Installing these files will save your clients from having to download the 17+ megabytes of required resource files from any server that is running WeedsBot v1.20, which can be extremely painful when running a "listen" server.) -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... ackage.zip

If you're running AMXModX (on a server, or locally for yourself for single-player), you'll need this newer patched version of the "MetaMod.dll" file (to prevent crashes when spawning WeedsBots):

MetaMod v1.19p32 FIX for WeedsBot Readme (*NOTE* The readme states that the MetaMod fix is for WeedsBot v1.00, but it is ALSO required for the updated WeedsBot v1.02 as well!) -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... od.dll.txt

MetaMod v1.19p32 FIX for WeedsBot -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... od.dll.zip

* Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Bot Commands and Navigation Mesh Editing... The Definitive Guide *

Note that a text-format version of this is also contained in the WeedsBot v1.20 readme (as the commands and NAV mesh editing procedures are identical to CZBot).

http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... mmands.htm

Next thing...

* Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Bots Command Menu *

Note that this is already included with the WeedsBot v1.20 Server and Single-Player Package, but you can snag it seperately for use with the Counter-Strike:Condition Zero bots here:

Readme -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... d_Menu.txt

Cool Animated GIF of the menu in action -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... d_Menu.gif

Yer ZIP -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... d_Menu.zip

Another thing...

* Bot Rank Prefixes for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero *

Note that this also works with WeedsBot (as the CS:CZ bots are essentially the same thing as WeedsBot).

Readme -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... efixes.txt

In-Game Scoreboard Screenshot -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... efixes.jpg

Yer ZIP -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... efixes.zip


Poke around here:

http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... er_Strike/


http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... d_Patches/

...and here:

http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... ards_Clan/

...no telling what you might stumble upon <grin> :)


If any of you play Day of Defeat, my similarly related Day of Defeat crapola and stuff:

http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... of_Defeat/

...and a P.P.S...

You might find some stuff for all of the above-mentioned games here as well:

http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... eeds/Temp/

* Addendums, Edits, and Updates *

(EDIT 1: I prolly should have mentioned... WeedsBot is for the (Steam) Windows version of the game, I had NO luck whatsoever hexing the (Steam) Linux version.)

(EDIT 2: See additional "Linux" Information in another of my message posts BELOW... RE: http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... _Linux.zip .)

(EDIT 3: If you're running AMXModX (on a server, or locally for yourself for single-player) see additional "MetaMod v1.19p32 FIX for WeedsBot" Information in this message post ABOVE... RE: http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... od.dll.zip .)

(EDIT 4: ALSO, if you plan on running WeedsBot along with Counter-Strike GunGame AMXX v2.13c for Counter-Strike 1.6, see additional "GunGame.sma" Plugin Source File Modification Information in another of my message posts BELOW.)

Author:  serialp0rt [ 08 Jul 2012 21:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

this is really cool, we might have to check this out. we have problems with podbots on 1.6 sometimes.

Author:  Amaroq [ 08 Jul 2012 21:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

this is really cool, we might have to check this out. we have problems with podbots on 1.6 sometimes.
This is the one I described to you maybe a month or two ago that only worked on windows servers.

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 08 Jul 2012 23:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

Yeah, I tried to hex the Linux version for Anibus a while back (file in the "Counter-Strike.gcf" GCF, "CStrike/DLLs/CS_i386.so"), but unfortunately had no luck.

The file that I hexed for the Windows version is in the same directory in the GCF, and is the main game engine file, "MP.dll".

Unfortunately, in the Linux file, there isn't enough hex(00) "padding" for me to add the required edits :(

Now, that being said, I MIGHT just try it again (just in case that I inadvertently missed or overlooked something), would be a shame that this couldn't be used with the Linux version as well.

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 08 Jul 2012 23:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

(Technical jargon follows)

P.S. For any hex editing minded folks out there, here are the changes of the Windows version MP.dll:

Comparing files MP.dll and WeedsBot.DLL:

000D816E: 58 68
00112759: 7A 73
0011275A: 65 74
0011275C: 6F 69
0011275D: 00 6B
0011275E: 00 65
0011372C: 54 57
0011372D: 68 65
0011372F: 20 64
00113730: 4F 73
00113731: 66 42
00113732: 66 6F
00113733: 69 74
00113734: 63 20
00113735: 69 76
00113736: 61 31
00113737: 6C 2E
00113738: 20 32
00113739: 43 30
0011373A: 6F 20
0011373B: 75 66
0011373C: 6E 6F
0011373D: 74 72
0011373E: 65 20
0011373F: 72 43
00113740: 2D 6F
00113741: 53 75
00113742: 74 6E
00113743: 72 74
00113744: 69 65
00113745: 6B 72
00113746: 65 2D
00113747: 20 53
00113748: 42 74
00113749: 6F 72
0011374A: 74 69
0011374B: 20 6B
0011374C: 56 65
0011374D: 25 2E
0011374E: 64 0A
0011374F: 2E 43
00113750: 25 72
00113751: 30 65
00113752: 32 61
00113753: 64 74
00113754: 0A 65
00113755: 43 64
00113756: 72 20
00113757: 65 62
00113758: 61 79
00113759: 74 20
0011375A: 65 57
0011375B: 64 65
0011375C: 20 65
0011375D: 62 64
0011375E: 79 73
0011375F: 20 2E
00113760: 4D 0A
00113761: 69 4F
00113762: 63 72
00113763: 68 69
00113764: 61 67
00113765: 65 69
00113766: 6C 6E
00113767: 20 61
00113768: 53 6C
00113769: 2E 20
0011376A: 20 62
0011376B: 42 6F
0011376C: 6F 74
0011376D: 6F 20
0011376E: 74 63
0011376F: 68 6F
00113770: 0A 64
00113771: 57 65
00113772: 65 20
00113774: 3A 79
00113776: 77 4D
00113777: 77 69
00113778: 77 63
00113779: 2E 68
0011377A: 74 61
0011377B: 75 65
0011377C: 72 6C
0011377D: 74 20
0011377E: 6C 53
0011377F: 65 2E
00113780: 72 20
00113781: 6F 42
00113782: 63 6F
00113783: 6B 6F
00113784: 73 74
00113785: 74 68
00113786: 75 20
00113787: 64 6F
00113788: 69 66
00113789: 6F 20
0011378A: 73 54
0011378B: 2E 75
0011378C: 63 72
0011378D: 6F 74
0011378E: 6D 6C
0011378F: 5C 65
00113790: 63 52
00113791: 73 6F
00113792: 62 63
00113793: 6F 6B
00113794: 74 20
00113795: 0A 53
00113796: 45 74
00113797: 2D 75
00113798: 6D 64
00113799: 61 69
0011379A: 69 6F
0011379B: 6C 73
0011379C: 3A 2E
0011379D: 20 0A
001183D2: 6D 74
001183D3: 69 65
001183D4: 6C 72
001183D5: 69 72
001183D6: 74 6F
001183D7: 69 72
001183D8: 61 2F
001183D9: 2F 74
001183DA: 6D 65
001183DB: 69 72
001183DC: 6C 72
001183DD: 69 6F
001183DE: 74 72
001183DF: 69 2E
001183E0: 61 6D
001183E1: 2E 64
001183E2: 6D 6C
001183E3: 64 00
001183E4: 6C 00
001183F6: 73 67
001183F7: 70 73
001183F8: 65 67
001183F9: 74 39
001183FA: 73 2F
001183FB: 6E 67
001183FC: 61 73
001183FD: 7A 67
001183FE: 2F 39
001183FF: 73 2E
00118400: 70 6D
00118401: 65 64
00118402: 74 6C
00118403: 73 00
00118404: 6E 00
00118405: 61 00
00118406: 7A 00
00118407: 2E 00
00118408: 6D 00
00118409: 64 00
0011840A: 6C 00
00118914: 6D 74
00118915: 69 65
00118916: 6C 72
00118917: 69 72
00118918: 74 6F
00118919: 69 72
0011891A: 61 00
00118940: 73 67
00118941: 70 73
00118942: 65 67
00118943: 74 39
00118944: 73 00
00118945: 6E 00
00118946: 61 00
00118947: 7A 00
0011A1AE: 6E 75
0011A1AF: 64 6E
0011A1B0: 69 74
0011A1B1: 74 65
0011A1B2: 69 72
0011A1B3: 6F 2D
0011A1B4: 6E 53
0011A1B5: 20 74
0011A1B6: 5A 72
0011A1B7: 65 69
0011A1B8: 72 6B
0011A1B9: 6F 65

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 09 Jul 2012 00:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

(More technical jargon follows)

Here's a screenshot collage of the hex differences between the "MP.dll" and "WeedsBot.dll" files, which is a LITTLE BIT easier to understand (verses all of the gobbledygook in my last post).

Section 1 is a minor fix so that the ejected shell casings within the game are actually displayed (without that fix, you won't see or hear any ejected shell casings dropping to the ground when running the WeedsBot module).

Section 2 is what actually "kicks in" and enables the Condition Zero bot module code that is actually contained in the standard Counter-Strike "MP.dll" file.

Section 3 is simply for aesthetics, if one types "bot_about" in the game's console.

Section 4 is player model substitutions for the ones that aren't included with standard Counter-Strike 1.6 (that are included with Condition Zero).

Section 5 is player model name substitutions, text as seen in-game when selecting your model.

Section 6 is so that the game is displayed as "Counter-Strike" within the Steam server browser when running a dedicated or listen server with WeedsBot.

File comment: MP.dll and WeedsBot.dll file hex differences
WeedsBot.dll.gif [ 42.69 KiB | Viewed 14958 times ]

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 09 Jul 2012 02:54 ]
Post subject:  WeedsBot v1.20 for Linux Information

Hmmm... I just MIGHT be on to something here :)

Attached is a ZIP containing:

cs_i386.BAK = Backup of the original Counter-Strike Linux module.
cs_i386.so = WeedsBot Counter-Strike Linux module.
cs_i386.WB = Backup of the WeedsBot Counter-Strike Linux module.

Now... I *THINK* I was able to hex-edit the Linux file with the code listed in Sections 2-6 in the screenshot collage (above, in my previous message post). Although I have a *VAGUE* hunch of where the entries are in the Linux file for Section 1, I'm not really sure about that one.

Anyhow, attached is the ZIP with the above-mentioned files. I know nothing about Linux, so I'm not sure of the installation procedure... maybe simply a 'copy and overwrite' the existing file on the server?

I *DO* know though that with the Windows "WeedsBot.dll" file (client side, not sure about a dedicated server):

If you simply rename (and overwrite) the "WeedsBot.dll" file to the game's existing "MP.dll" file, the game/Steam will reject it; and extract a fresh unedited copy of the original "MP.dll" file to your "CSTrike/DLLs" directory (extracted from the "Counter-Strike.gcf" file)... thereby *REMOVING* WeedsBot.

With the Windows version, a workaround is by using the installation procedure that is detailed in the WeedsBot readme file:

WeedsBot Server Package and Single-Player Activation and Configuration
To activate and configure WeedsBot, perform the following steps:

1 - Right-click on the "Counter-Strike" entry within your Steam Client Games Library, and then left-click on "Properties".

2 - Left-click on the "Set Launch Options" button, and then add "-dll DLLs\WeedsBot.dll" (minus the quotes) to the "Launch Options - Counter-Strike" text-entry box.

3 - Click the "OK" button.

4 - Click the "Close" button.

Alternatively, you can simply add the command line parameter "-dll DLLs\WeedsBot.dll" (minus the quotes) to the actual Half-Life executable that runs Counter-Strike (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<USER_NAME>\Counter-Strike\HL.exe" -dll DLLs\WeedsBot.dll). Again, note that the "<USER_NAME>" subdirectory is named the same as your main Steam account login name.

This effectively leaves the original "MP.dll" file alone, and *ADDS* (or "injects") the "WeedsBot.dll" file to the program code when the game is launched. An FYI... this is similar to how I run "SturmBot" for Day of Defeat.

Now, that being said, I do *NOT* think that the Linux version would function the same way.

In other words... actually *RENAMING* the hex edited "cs_i386.so" file to something like "wb_i386.so", and then:

"C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<USER_NAME>\Counter-Strike\HL.exe" -dll DLLs\wb_i386.so

Nevertheless, y'all might want to give this a try... either by simply copying and overwriting the existing "cs_i386.so" file on the server, or via the method described above :)

Note that you'll still need all of the files contained in the:

http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... ackage.zip

file, and have them unzipped to the appropriate directories on the server (if there's any chance in hell that this thing is gonna actually work).

Anywaaaays... lemme know of you have any luck with this whole mess. And if so, I'll try to figure out/fix the stuff mentioned in Section 1 of my previous message post :)

P.S. To test *IF* this thing is actually working, enter the console commands (I'm assuming prolly RCON for a server):


...as well as:

bot_add_t /AND/ bot_add_ct

...and SOMETHING (if anything) should happen <grin> :)

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 09 Jul 2012 02:55 ]
Post subject:  WeedsBot v1.20 for Linux ZIP

P.S. Looks like the attachment was too big for the message forum. Snag it here instead -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.c ... _Linux.zip :)

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 09 Jul 2012 03:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St


...and SOMETHING (if anything) should happen <grin> :)

Greenish text behind the scoreboard in this screenie:

http://steamcommunity.com/id/RichNagel/ ... 1021147594

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 10 Jul 2012 03:23 ]
Post subject:  GunGame AMXX v2.13c Plugin Source File Modification

Another P.S. (*IF* y'all actually get this thing working)...

If you plan on running WeedsBot along with Counter-Strike GunGame AMXX v2.13c for Counter-Strike 1.6, you'll need a modified version of GunGame's plugin file "GunGame.amxx". I've already modified and tested it out, seems to work without a hitch :)

Anyhow, if you're running GunGame with WeedsBot (with Counter-Strike 1.6, of course), you'll need that newer modified version so that GunGame will function correctly.

FYI (in the "GunGame.sma" source file), this:
has been changed to this :
if(equal(modName,"czero") || equal(modName,"cstrike",6))

...which of course (the edited "GunGame.sma" source file) can be compiled here:


...or here:

http://www.dodplugins.net/forums/cmps_i ... e=compiler

...or simply compiled under Windows using the "Compile.exe" utility that is included with AMXModX:


Anyways, that's a ways down the road still... have to first see if WeedsBot is working under Linux in the first place.

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 16 Jul 2012 22:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

@ serialp0rt or Anubis,

Just a-wondering if you had got a chance to try the Linux hack/version on one of the AM servers?

Author:  Amaroq [ 16 Jul 2012 23:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

Not yet, I haven't been in the mood to mess with server stuff to be honest lol. I've been busy playing all my single player games before I have to go back to school.

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 17 Jul 2012 02:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

A-OK :)

Author:  Rich Nagel [ 29 Apr 2013 09:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: "WeedsBot" for Counter-Strike v1.6, and CS:CZ Related St

"Counter-Strike" "WeedsBot v1.30" - Proof of concept: The "WeedsBot v1.20" AI bots addon ported over from the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero beta "MP.dll" (4-26-2013, 02-29-56pm) file, running under the downgraded 2009 version of the game :)


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