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 Post subject: Modern Warfare 3
PostPosted: 14 Nov 2011 17:39 
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I guess I'll be the unlucky contestant for writing this review. First off, just my personal "first impression" scores:

Gameplay: Solid 4 stars. Cmon, its good fps as far as gameplay if you can ignore some of the bs.
Graphics: I was actually disappointed. I was running the game at ABSOLUTELY MAX (HD) settings, and I have to say it wasnt impressive when compared to other games. The original Crysis had WAAAAY better HD graphics, I mean, even Assassins Creed Brotherhood beat this game in this department. Oh well.
Multiplayer: I cant rate this, I've not played the multiplayer,but if the rumors are true, I would give this a solid 2 stars
Story: There are a bit of cartoony parts, because this game is directed at a younger audience so it therefore has to be exciting and unrealistic, but its not all waaaay out of wack either. I've finished the game (on Veteran difficulty I might add *smug*), and I wasnt too disappointed. I wont rate this, but read the next paragraph after the rating section.
Addictiveness/Replayablility: I might be bias-never really a CoD fan myself-but I could see myself picking up this game to re-beat it and re-do all the Spec Ops mission at LEAST once a year if not more. However, it's not like I'd be thinking "hmm, mw3 seems enjoyable at the moment". No, something would have to spark my intrest again.

Some general pros/cons


-The third installment of the game remianed fairly true to the story. You still have the classic loading screens, your still get to play as a few different squads from around the world, you still get the joy of seeing Price's ugly face, and you even have 42 peices of enemy intelligence to squint around looking for (I myself would have been satisfied with half that many).

-Weapon skins look better than ever !

-Weapon incorporation: Alright this is a little confusing, lemme try and explain a bit. Basically, remember back to the original Modern Warfare where there were only about three different guns to each level-I hated having the P90 only show up in two levels-well in this game you have all kinds of weapons all over the place. Theres a fine mixture of weapons in most levels, including my beloved Sniper friends!!!!

-Weapon selection: There are many new weapons and attachments, but it also seems that a few of my favorites have disappeared (or maybe they're in multiplayer), either way, due to the nice weapon selection, you'll still feel like theres more than ever.

-Your squad members actually kill shit in this game! At least on the easier difficulties- as soon as you get to Veteran level, it seems like its back to the old "Ill just stand here looking at them absorbing bullets, and changing my facial expressions to make it look like im in pain while you go kill them all. Kthxbai."


-As soon as you start playing Veteran difficulty, it seems like (WAIT A MINUTE WHERE HAVE I HEARD THIS BEFORE. Oh yea, read the last sentence of the "PROS" list.)

-Some REALLY REALLY unrealistic, childish parts to the game. Oh yea, hey buddy, I forgot to tell ya, we show down this chopper with a mini gun, and this helicopter lost control and came flying twoard us blades first, and miraculously even though it hit us and it's blades should have clearly been running into ours, we got control of the plane back and flew back home to make babies!

-Multiplayer, at least as far as for the PC goes, I hear the system is awful. Cross your fingers for an update!


ZOMG SOAP IS DYING! This is how the story begins. Soap is seen being dragged by Nikolai and Price to-what can be assumed as-a safehouse while fading in and out of counciousness. Meanwhile, the war between the U.S and the "goddamn" Russians is still taking place,and has progress to N.Y city at this point. The Russians placed a radio frequency jammer/blocker thingy and its your job as the marines (you take on the persona of a man named "Frost" at this point) to destroy the thing. You and your squad-members names are "Sandman" and "Truck"-is one the streets and a missle hits a building and rubble is flying everywhere about to hit your ass. So you do what any sensible person does, and go mad killing shit until you can get some overhead cover!

Throughout the game you also play as a few other men, including some memebers from the squad from the original Modern Warfare! Some examples are: Social Security of some other nation protecting the president and other members of his family while on his private plane, Wallcroft (or is it Griffin? Either way you get to play as one of those two), a man named Yuri ie: "The only man who hates Makarov more than Price."

You even get updates on some old favories like Sgt. MacMillian that you went all Ghilly Suit crazy with from CoD4 !

Overall, 8-8.5 stars. Now mind you, this is still an inital, six hours of playing the game score, and I must be honest in saying that had I bought this game I would have probable rated it lower. Free stuff usually puts things higher in rating !

Short of a later part of the story (third mission, but it shows more action than the intro/first mission)

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 Post subject: Re: Modern Warfare 3
PostPosted: 14 Nov 2011 18:30 
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How do you write this in class? Is it a free period or what?

 Post subject: Re: Modern Warfare 3
PostPosted: 15 Nov 2011 16:54 
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I have a technology class that I've already got a credit for. And i cant wander the halls, so they just lemme play on the computer. Still working on finishing this review, but at the moment im instructed to help some of the class dumbasses.

 Post subject: Re: Modern Warfare 3
PostPosted: 15 Nov 2011 23:13 
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I will not be touching Modern Warfare 3 at all. Hell, I wouldn't touch it even with a 50 ft. pole.

 Post subject: Re: Modern Warfare 3
PostPosted: 10 Feb 2012 14:55 

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i know im late.....but i have the same thoughts for MW3 as him
total crap game
looks and sounds like crap
and actually the servers on console is good
but still shitty game

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