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PostPosted: 30 Mar 2010 20:29 
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Hey people, are you one of those computer enthusiasts who are on a budget but want superb cooling without the noise of computer fans? Do you want to make your computer look neater on the inside and not worry about the weight of most air-cooling CPU coolers snapping your motherboard in 2? Well Corsair has answered these questions in the form of the Corsair H50. This low-cost liquid cooler comes with a radiator that attaches to the back of your case with a 120mm fan to blow cool air from the outside onto the radiator to cool the liquid that goes through the non-permeable tubes to the CPU block that also houses the pump. Not only is this CPU cooler affordable and size-conscious but it looks really bad ass inside any computer system (I can see most of my motherboard around the CPU now!) This liquid cooler is a closed-loop system so the liquid doesn't have anywhere to evaporate to (although it will dry up in a few years) and you don't have to top it off or refill it (so that way, you can be lazy.) Using my Everest benchmarking software, my CPU idles at a very cold 19 degrees Celcius and never hits over 42C on 100% load using Prime95's stress test (although these are stock settings.) This shows just how much headroom I have to overclock and I should be able to hit 3.5ghz no problem with a slight voltage increase (since most of you guys don't know what the heck I'm rambling about, I'll stop it here lol!)

All in all, this cooler competes with the highest-end air CPU coolers out on the market (Noctua brand, Thermalright's Ultra 120, Prolimatech Megahalem series, etc.) and brings more than enough to the competition table. My only gripe was when I first fired it up, it made a high pitched whirring sound but it did stop after a few hours of having the computer on (I guess you have to "break it in" like you have to on a brand new car.) Other than that, the Corsair H50 goes in my book as one of the best CPU coolers on the market. Kudos to Corsair!

I did some overclocking to my CPU and I'm truly impressed on how the H50 performs! My Core i5 750 is a 2.66ghz quad core at stock and for my test, I overclocked the CPU to 3.20ghz (20% OC) with voltages at 1.25V. At idle with the 3.2ghz OC, the temperature of the CPU was at 24C which is only a +5C to the idle temperature at stock settings. While running Prime95, the highest full load temperature was at 46C which is a measly +4C increase from the stock load! Very impressive results from a budget liquid cooler and I highly recommend it to those that want a high end CPU cooler without breaking the wallet.

A link to my H50 installed in my system (*I took off the secondary fan and am now using a single fan configuration*):

http://i971.photobucket.com/albums/ae19 ... to0114.jpg

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