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 Post subject: How to join [AM]
PostPosted: 27 Mar 2010 19:15 
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What we want

For anybody who is interested in being a part of a clan, it is important to know what that clan stands for and if they would fit in well with the expectations. This is what we want from our clan members:

Familiarize yourself with the Absurd Minds mission statement as well as the clan member expectations.

Understand that this is a clan primarily built around realistic competition. While we will constantly seek to play competitively even in pubs and to join any seasons or ladders we can, we also understand that many of our members are entirely responsible for their own lives and even the lives of children or partners, and sometimes the demands of real life become too important. Therefore, you are not required to join any teams to be in our clan, but you are required to play "by the rules" when you play with us.

It doesn't matter how good you are, but it does matter how willing you are to get better and to help your teammates get better. If you suck, we'll work with you to get you better. If you suck but think you know everything there is to know about the game, you probably won't fit in very well. If you're good and willing to share your knowledge with us, that's awesome. If you're good and think you're a king who doesn't have to stoop to our level to help us out, you won't find a place here.

We need mature, respectful admin. If you can keep your cool with people who are cussing you out and not stoop to their level, or with people who are obviously new and thus cause you to lose a round here and there, then you definitely show the maturity we're interested in.

The forums are the primary means of communication between the clan members. This is where we will post clan news, rule changes, clan events, etc., so we need clan members who will make a commitment to reading the forums at least a couple of times a week.

We don't recruit clan hoppers. We want to make sure that you are interest in our clan, and in our vision, so we will probably want to get to know you a bit before asking you to join. Our clan is a family, not just a team, and we need people who will dedicate time and talents to us even when we're not participating in a season or tournament. That's why we ask potential members to join the forums and talk with us.

If you believe you fit in with all of these expectations, then you are a potential for invitation. Continue reading below to figure out how to receive an invitation.

How to get invited

We recruit new members into our clan through an invite-only system. Here is what you have to do to even be considered for an invitation.
  • Post a thread in our Recruitment Section telling us you are interested in being invited and why you think you would be good for our clan.
  • Wait one month (we will not invite people quicker than a month).
  • During this month, do the following things:
    • Add clan members to your friends list.
    • Play in our servers or be in our Mumble a few times a week. If something comes up where you can't be as active, let somebody know.
    • Join our public Mumble at least whenever you are playing in our servers. (HINT: Joining even when you're not in our servers makes you seem like more of an asset to the clan.)
    • Uphold our rules in our servers and use your unique personality to make our community a better place.
    • Check the forums weekly. If you're not much of a writer, that's fine, but you need to check the forums.
During this month, members of AbsurdMinds will be watching you and deciding if you fit in with the vision of AbsurdMinds and make the community a better place, and if you are active enough to warrant sending an invitation to. If any particular clan member decides that they want you in the clan, they will start a thread about you in a private, members-only subforum making a case for your invitation. This thread will only be accessible to current AbsurdMinds members and will not be shared to non-members (except to you, if you ask; if you are invited into the clan, you will even have the opportunity to read your own thread). If you want to know the status of your invitation, just ask. We're happy to keep you informed!

If you are invited

If you are invited into the clan, you will have another one month "probationary" period. This is just a period of being active in the clan, doing everything other clan members do, but with limited admin access, so you can get the feel of how we admin our servers before being given full access.

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