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 Post subject: Server rules
PostPosted: 26 Mar 2010 15:09 
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1. Play nice. Don't pick fights, don't belittle people, don't cuss people out.
2. Don't mic spam your music or your voice. People need to be able to hear footsteps or teammate instructions.
3. Don't team stack. Join the losing team. It makes the game more fun for both teams.
4. No team attacking. Even if you think your teammate is an idiot, that's no reason to shoot him.
5. No hacking. If you think somebody is hacking, notify an admin. Don't TK them or calling them a hacking noob.
6. No map exploits, such as boosting through ceilings or using illegal flashes.
7. No bitching. If you have a legitimate piece of feedback, visit www.absurdminds.net.
Otherwise, don't just come into the server to complain. It ruins the gameplay for everyone.
8. No bombsite restrictions.
9. No weapon restrictions.
10. No, we won't turn alltalk on, or friendly fire off, or give money.
11. Be respectful of new or young players. Everybody was a newb when they started - no reason to ridicule them.
12. Don't buy guns on awp maps.
13. Don't flash or nade on awp or fy maps (unless nades are provided as part of the map).
14. Don't spawn kill on aim/awp maps.

 Post subject: Re: Server rules
PostPosted: 02 Apr 2010 01:04 
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Where we're going we don't need no rules..

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