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New map chooser plugin on the pub
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Author:  Amaroq [ 08 Jun 2010 13:02 ]
Post subject:  New map chooser plugin on the pub

I installed a different mapchooser plugin on the pub server, specifically because it allows me to choose the number of maps that go up for each vote. I have it set at 6 right now, but I can increase it up to 8 if people want me to.

Let me know if you notice any buggy behaviour, or if there are settings (such as how long before rtv, or how many maps are put up for a vote) you want changed.

Author:  Amaroq [ 09 Jun 2010 18:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: New map chooser plugin on the pub

Well, never mind that. Neither of the two plugins I tried worked very well with the other server configurations. So back to the previous mapchooser4 plugin, and I'm going to try to figure out how to make that so it can use more than 5 maps in a vote.

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