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 Post subject: Clan Member Expectations
PostPosted: 31 Mar 2017 17:20 
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Clan member expectations:
  1. You must play CS:GO regularly. It's great if you play other games, too (lord knows we do!), but our main focus is our CS:GO community and we will not recruit clan members from other games.
  2. You must play in CS:GO community servers. We are not a matchmaking clan. We are not an ESEA team. We are a CS:GO *community*, and we are centered around our community servers.
    • We have a wide range of CS:GO servers! You don't have to love all of them, but you do have to play in some of them.
    • Of course, you're free to make an ESEA team, matchmake with your friends, or play in other servers! We just want a commitment to our community servers, as well.
  3. Wear your tag in game. (Some exceptions apply: eg if you have a team and you are scrimming with your team, or if you are attempting to catch a hacker in our server.)
  4. Follow the server rules, in all servers. We want to be a good example of a friendly CS:GO community in all servers.
  5. We expect you to be active whenever life allows. You don't have to play every night, but when when you are able to play it should be in our servers and you should join our mumble.
    • Participate in scheduled clan events regularly. (As of March 2017, these occur on Saturdays at 8pm Eastern. Check the clan calendar for a full list of events.)
    • If you are online, please join mumble. If you don't feel like talking to anybody, go to the anti-social room. Having people in mumble shows that we are an active community.
    • Read the forums at least once a week. You need to make sure you read every thread posted. You don't have to reply to them all, but you should at least know the content of all posted information.
    • If life gets in the way of your activity, let serialp0rt or Amaroq know as soon as possible. Otherwise, inactive members will be subject to removal from the clan.
  6. Be a server admin.
    • Add the CallAdmin bot and administrate the 1v1 servers whenever necessary.
    • If you're not sure if somebody is hacking, don't ban them - get a second opinion from a more experienced player instead.
    • When administrating a server, mute/silence first, then kick, then ban. (For servers without sourcemod, kick first, then ban.)
    • If one admin is handling a situation, let that admin continue handling it.
    • Don't abuse your admin powers for your own gain.
  7. Give us your opinions. We want to know if you like our policies, if you like our servers, or if you want to see something changed.
  8. No hacking, ever, in our server, during a match, in another server, in any multiplayer game. Even if you go into one of those servers that allow hacking, don't participate in that. Don't call into question our clan as a whole by hacking in some random pub.
Inactive member expectations:
  • You do not need to check the forums with any regularity.
  • You do not need to participate in our servers.
  • You should not be playing any other multi-player games. If you are able to spend 20 hours a week playing Rocket League with your friends, you have enough time to be an active clan member.
  • Let us know when you are ready to come off inactive. If you start being an active gamer again and don't mention anything to us or communicate with us in any way, we will assume you have decided to leave the clan and we will remove you.

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