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 Post subject: Medal of Honor
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2010 16:57 
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Medal of Honor. According to EA, this game is supposed to be a reboot of the series (the MoH series was put on hiatus a few years back) and I have mixed feelings about it.

Minimum Requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Pentium D 3.0GHz / Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz / Athlon X2
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: 256MB of memory (GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900)

As you can see, this game isn't very heavy and can be played on most systems today. But this game is a bit unique in that there are 2 different game engines implemented. For the single-player, the Unreal Engine is used while the multi-player uses Dice's Frostbite Engine (used in Bad Company 2.) So, if you want to play the online aspect of Medal of Honor, be prepared to upgrade your system by a good margin from the minimum requirements that are posted.


You play a few roles in the single-player campaign that switches from a Navy SEAL, Tier 1 operator, and an Army Ranger. Long story short: you're after Al-Qaeda and their camps, bases, etc. I really enjoy how the story was implemented from the different perspectives. It gives you multiple views of how dedicated the United States troops are when it comes to their job. You can definitely tell that EA treaded very carefully with the story due to the sensitive nature of the whole Afghanistan conflict. Again, the story was very well done and didn't bore me once (nothing like whoopin' some Al-Qaeda ass eh?)


The gameplay of this game has some very noticeable flaws and the most noticeable one is probably the retarded ass A.I. The bots weren't that difficult to fight against due to their heavily scripted nature and that is one damaging flaw for me. I love to go against non-scripted A.I because of their unpredictable nature and well, Medal of Honor's A.I is a huge disappointment. Since this game is HEAVILY scripted, some objectives weren't complete until something triggered the event. This causes some instability within the game and caused some frustration since I had to either restart from my last checkpoint OR restart the entire mission. The control scheme was pretty good since they included abilities like leaning left and right to peek around corners and the ability to slide to cover (both are extremely useful in the game.)

As for the online gameplay, it plays like a hybrid of Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. I guess I could put it as having the environment of Modern Warfare 2 with the graphics and "feelings" of Bad Company 2. You have 3 classes (Rifleman, Special Ops, and Sniper) and each has their own type of weapon. The rifleman has the basic equipment of assault rifle with attached grenade launcher or light machinegun, and a sidearm. Special Ops carry carbine rifles, shotguns, or sub-machineguns, with RPG (for OpFor side, some rocket launcher for Coalition side), and a sidearm. Snipers get either a battle rifle equipped with red-dot sight or full sniper rifle with sniper scope with IEDs, and sidearm. There are 4 different modes to play (I forget what they're called at the moment) and I prefer the deathmatch mode. The thing I truly love about Medal of Honor online is the use of DEDICATED SERVERS (something which Modern Warfare 2 fails at) with Punkbuster enabled (to keep the damn hackers out.) People who start out in MoH online will probably find it boring but as you start to unlock stuff and level up, it gets better and better (that's how it was for me anyways.) Unlike Bad Company 2 online, there is no gravity involved, meaning that your bullets aren't affected and won't drop with distance. Also, the bullet impacts are instant, unlike BC2, which took about a millisecond to impact on your target. Vehicular combat is out so don't expect tanks, ATVs, UAVs, and such in this game. All in all, a good online experience. Good but not spectacular.


As stated before, Medal of Honor uses 2 different game engines: Unreal engine for SP and Frostbite engine for MP. The SP graphics are decent. They look very outdated compared to the games that are out right now but you can overlook it if graphics don't matter too much to you when it comes to playing a game (they matter to me A LOT.) They really should've just stuck with the Frostbite engine for the entire game because Frostbite looks SOOOO much better compared to the Unreal engine they used for the SP. I noticed a lot of clipping issues in single-player and the frame rates were a bit jumpy. Seriously, I would've LOVED it if EA decided to use Frostbite for the entire game (the difference between the Unreal engine and Frostbite engine is THAT big.) So, for single-player, the graphics were....meh. Decent but not great. Multi-player, the graphics were great.


Holy crap were the sounds great in this game! I put my speakers up and it made my desk shake a bit. Explosions are loud, you can hear footsteps nearby, weapons had some "oomph" to them, voice acting was done very well. You can feel the emotion and tension in this game's story and really helps build the atmosphere.


Medal of Honor is a great game IF you can look past the problems. The biggest problem for me is the heavy use of scripts for the A.I. I like a good challenge even in a single-player campaign and MoH fails to deliver in that aspect. The scripting doesn't just cripple the bots but also the events. I hate the fact that I have to do some sort of "act" to make an event happen. Another problem that I forgot to mention above is that this game is VERY linear. It's not open-world like Farcry or Crysis. You have to follow one giant path and don't have a choice in which approach you want to take to get to your objective. I loved Crysis for that one aspect to explore the world without having to follow a scripted path. The outdated graphics are another problem for me. Sure a game isn't all about graphics but if you took Modern Warfare 2 (or hell even the first MW) and put it side-by-side with Medal of Honor, you'll see that MoH looks oudated compared the 2 games it contends with. Overall, I think this game deserves an 7/10.


Great story
Fun multiplayer
Great control scheme
Authentic storyline (modern-day Afghanistan)
Superb voice acting and sounds
Low hardware requirements


Multiplayer can be boring at start
Singleplayer graphics issues
Heavy use of scripting for A.I and events
Too damn linear

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 Post subject: Re: Medal of Honor
PostPosted: 17 Oct 2010 05:05 

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damn you!!!
tricked to a coming soon again!
i was really hoping you would have one out lol
i decided ima get this game
i just wanna finish some other games and then do a trade in :D

 Post subject: Re: Medal of Honor
PostPosted: 18 Oct 2010 20:17 

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hmmm im somehow put of now
i knew about the clipping...i was told about it
and for the multiplayer i loved that about BC2 the gravity and took awhile to hit
thats mostly what put me out
and the AI added to it

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